Celebrities complaining about COVID-19 would be offensive if it wasn’t so tragically pathetic. In 1939 the world entered World War 2. The civilian deaths were in the millions and young men had to face each other in bloody and brutal battles. Today we take a big financial hit and are told to self isolate. Celebrities shouldn’t always be looked up to, often they are deluded and weak because they’ve had everything given to them on a plate for too long. Do they not think about other people and how it makes them feel, when they have meltdowns and complain in their multimillion dollar properties? 


Now is not the time to lower morale, survival experts agree a positive mind set helps you to live and laughter can even boost the immune system. See below.


Keep things in perspective. There are 7.6 billion people on earth. According to the charity Oxfam, half a billion people could be pushed into poverty by coronavirus.


In these times of uncertainty, pulling up your sleeves with a can do attitude is the best thing you can do. Just check out this 99 year old war veteran Tom Moore raise over 20 million pounds for the fight against COVID-19. Here is someone worth looking up to.


By Tyler Durden