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Prostitution, some find it disgusting and others see it as harmless. Who is getting manipulated, the client or the worker? Does it degenerate society? Interestingly, prostitution is legal in the Netherlands and New Zealand. Both have lower crime rates than the USA.


Prostitution is illegal in the vast majority of the United States as a result of state laws rather than federal laws. However, since the 1990s pornography has been easily accessible to anyone with a computer. 

40 million American people regularly visit porn sites. 35% of all internet downloads are related to pornography, according to Webroot.


The hypocrisy of the sex industry is ludicrous. What is the difference between a prostitute and a hardcore pornography actor? Both workers are paid to have sex. One does it in private and the other is caught on video and the video is distributed. Pornography has become more accepted, why? The performer actually faces arguably more problems than a prostitute, the prostitute does not have to live with the fact that videos will probably always be around of them having sexual performances.  

There are more people against prostitution though. The common argument is that prostitution is inherently abusive towards women, is this a rational case though? Usually male prostitutes are forgotten in the argument. We are of course talking about women who freely choose to work in the sex trade. If prostitution is illegal the workers often have no choice but to turn to pimps for help. If prostitution is legalised the prostitutes can turn to the police and have more of an opportunity to set up their own business, arguably prostitution empowers women because it gives them power to make money. A man having sex with a woman is not necessarily a dominating act for the man, those who are sexually educated enough will know many women in fact see it as a form of dominance for the woman.

Certain feminist views try to suggest males are animals objectifying women with prostitution. In reality this is not often the case, men can suffer from confidence issues, other psychological issues or may have shortcomings and deformities which make it hard for them to pick up women. There are of course men who just see it as fun, to suggest all men are abusing women with prostitution is nonsense. Many prostitutes actually say their work makes them feel good, see an example below.


What about male prostitutes? Here no version of feminism can be used to argue against it. Ironically if male prostitution is allowed and female prostitution isn’t allowed, then that would truely be sexist. 

Reuters reported:

Legalizing prostitution lowers violence and disease, report says


Prostitution if regulated properly has the potential to reduce crime. There will be less frustration and jealousy in society if people can pay for sex. Less money will be spent by the taxpayers fighting crime.

Sex trafficking for me is the key issue of legalisation. Legalisation can sometimes lead to more human trafficking. Science direct reports: 

On average, countries where prostitution is legal experience larger reported human trafficking inflows.


Perhaps the solutions for increase in human trafficking would be to invest more in police which can be done by taxing prostitution and to grant legitimate visas for sex workers. 

In all honesty I wouldn’t want my daughter to be a prostitute but I believe more in the values of freedom. Who has the right to say how someone can use their own body? People may find tattoos and piercings hard to look at, it doesn’t mean we should ban them. 

When it comes down to it, trying to make it illegal for two consenting adults to have sex for any reason is always going to be a losing battle, can it really be argued to be immoral if 2 adults of sound freedom, body and mind come to an agreement? Indeed sex work is some of the most honest work, you know what you’re getting in the transaction. I don’t doubt a large amount of people turn to prostitution due to need for money, economic development and  public spending would be the best solutions for this. However, plenty of prostitutes have other alternatives and they choose prostitution. With strict practices and regulation, prostitution can be more ethical than gold digging wives and even more ethical than some law practice, that much I am certain. 

By Socrates Plato