Slavery, segregation and then freedom or was there? Slavery is alive and well in the USA. 

The Washington Post stated in 2016:

Black people are twice as likely as white people to be out of work and looking for a job. This fact was as true in 1954 as it is today.

Motherjones wrote:

There’s a 52 percent chance that a low-income black man has been behind bars. 


Black people make up nearly 40 percent of America’s incarcerated population and are more than five times as likely as whites to be behind bars.

The inequality is clear, the prison system itself is corrupt. It is run by money making cooperations. The documentary The Survival Guide To Prison exposes:

With the prevalence of “for profit” prisons in our country, large companies are able to procure labor at below slave wages. There is no minimum wage for work done by prisoners, so there is big money to be made by companies and the prisons who peddle human slavery.

Is this what we defeated the Nazis for? The irony is tragic. Don’t believe it is a coincidence because former President Richard Nixon’s advisor admitted it:

  • A top Nixon aide told an author that the policy (war on drugs) was specifically designed to target opposition to Nixon: Blacks and Hippies. 
  • Today, hundreds of thousands of people of color languish in jail for drug charges as the US’s seemingly insatiable appetite for drugs wreaks havoc on countries in Latin America, fuelling humanitarian crises at the border and far beyond it.

The government is making slaves out of people with drug problems. Poverty causes people to turn to drugs. Adolf Hitler would be proud of America.

Why do people turn to racism? A key reason is to do with penis size. A myth has been spread that black people have larger penises than white people. The sense of injustice drives jealousy into some of the masses. This is just a myth though. The Huffington Post agrees.

The Grio (division of MSNBC) reported:

The Kinsey Data suggest that black men have similar lengths as white men or, if larger, just slightly and insignificantly so. reotypes-the-black-community-believes-fact-or-fiction/amp/

Menshealth even reported that most women don’t care about penis size.

It seems our perception of reality has been manipulated to divide society. 

Furthermore, it is widely believed black people are more physically threatening. You only need to analyse great athletes to see black people do not always dominate. For example black people do not dominate World’s Strongest Man competitions or the Olympics. Jonathan Edwards for example holds the world record in the triple jump and he is a white male. China and Russia regularly score high in the Olympics.

Studies have shown black people have higher bone density but bone density can be increased even just by weightlifting.

Black people do dominate sprinting. Though Asian people seem to have the best IQ ratings. A white man and a Chinese man have done the 100m in less than 10 seconds. Black people can be geniuses. The differences there are between races is small. Dominate races and tribes come and go, whether it was the Mongolians or the Persians or the Romans. We are all born with gifts and curses. Curses can possibly be overcome. 

By Tyler Durden