The Israeli proxy war with Iran will continue. It was reported today:

As I briefly summarised in a previous post a war with Iran could lead to a world war through a domino effect. World War 1 and World War 2 both started because of a chain of alliances between countries. See the previous post here:

Do not underestimate this possibility. The Doomsday Clock was created in 1945 by scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project. The Manhattan Project made the first nuclear weapons. Today the clock is at the closest to midnight or doomsday. It is set at 100 seconds to midnight.

Even The Pope and a former leader of NATO have warned we are heading for a world war at this rate, see the links below.

Russia has time after time taken Syria and Iran’s side. Iran and Syria are so aligned, you could compare them to England and Scotland or Germany and Austria.

The reality is the Cold War never truely ended, it just froze. Putin does not want a unipolar world, he wants a multipolar world. Those who have read the Wolfowitz Doctrine knows that the US desires full spectrum dominance of the world. Russia does not wish to lose chess pieces to the US and Israel.

It is the duty of every citizen to do what they can to avoid a world war. There were plenty of people around before both previous world wars who believed it was impossible to have a world war due to global business. Complacency and arrogance are an unnecessary risk. The possibility of a 3rd world war is all too real.

By Tyler Durden