Flat Earthers are a strange breed, in their minds they are heroes shining the light on the truth that the earth is flat and science has been deceiving us. To the rest of us they are a special kind of stupid.

I am afraid Flat Earthers that the constellations are different in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Furthermore, the earth wouldn’t have time zones in a flat earth world.

However, I have some sympathy for them but not because of any of their “evidence.” Distrust in our scientific community, government and elites has been growing rapidly and because of it some people do not know what to believe. We were deceived for years about the harmful effects of tobacco and now global warming. The Gulf of Tonkin which launched the Vietnam War is now admitted to be a work of fiction. General Wesley Clark exposed wars are mostly planned years in advance, which means the whole mainstream narrative is a lie. Also, 9 11 has many unanswered questions; why is there no footage of a plane hitting the pentagon? Why did WTC7 collapse since university computer modelling determined fires did not collapse the building? Then of course all the child rape, the elites have been getting away with and covering up. Not many believe Epstein killed himself and it’s hard to disagree with them. 


Is it a wonder why we end up with such a broad spectrum of conspiracy believers? From shape shifting lizards and satanists running the world to Flat Earthers. People don’t know who to trust.

However, I have more sympathy for those who believe in shape shifting lizards and satanists because to be honest the elite might as well be lizards and satanists with all the child rape that they do. Flat Earthers have a desire to feel special which is a common desire but they like to live out their fantasy and so delude themselves into doing so. Flat Earthers also discredit other conspiracy topics because people cannot take them seriously, they should focus more on stopping elite child trafficking than backwards fantasies of being heroes against the evil round world enforcers. 

Some even say Flat Earthers have their origins from the CIA, I will only say the CIA do use all sorts of tactics to discredit conspiracy theories and have done since the 1960’s, see below. 


Please Flat Earthers just don’t discredit the real conspiracy stuff because child trafficking and war crimes are serious issues that affect many unfortunate people. However, people like to believe what makes them feel better so I expect them to continue their ramblings, can someone please just shine a laser across the Pacific Ocean to make them be quiet? 


By Tyler Durden