Former chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan admitted the Iraq war was about oil. Is the war pointless and just so businessman can line their pockets? There are numerous technologies I will post about but here let us look at the case of Stanley Meyer.

The Columbus Dispatch reported:

After more than 20 years of research and tinkering, it was time to celebrate.

Stanley Allen Meyer, his brother and two Belgian investors raised glasses in the Grove City Cracker Barrel on March 20, 1998.

Meyer said his invention could do what physicists say is impossible — turn water into hydrogen fuel efficiently enough to drive his dune buggy cross-country on 20 gallons straight from the tap.

He took a sip of cranberry juice. Then he grabbed his neck, bolted out the door, dropped to his knees and vomited violently.

The story is suspicious, conspiracy galore. Meyer was having a meeting with Belgian investors when he drank cranberry juice, threw up violently and then declared he had been poisoned before dying there and then.

Some physicists claim Meyer was a liar and his invention was impossible, no foul play was detected in the autopsy. However, big oil is vastly powerful and worth billions. People can be paid or threatened. Indeed how the Koch brothers bought US politics is a testament to the power oil wields.

What is interesting is that the US Navy seems to have proven certain physicists incorrect. It is predicted that soon the US Navy will be able to turn seawater into fuel. Trillions of dollars was spent on going into the middle east, what would have trillions of dollars being spent on this technology achieved?

By Tyler Durden