Hemp could save humanity and the earth. The university MIT’s newspaper The Thistle reported:

It was industry generated propaganda that got marijuana and industrial hemp demonized and then criminalized. Du Pont Chemical Company had its hands in a lot of scandals, including the one to promote tetraethyl lead anti-knock fuel additive over the much safer alcohol additive option. Much of the 3rd world is still suffering from this successful “partnership”of Dupont with Standard Oil (now Exxon) and GM. (See in archives: 3/20/00)We claim to have a free market economy and idealize this as an impartial means to allow the superior technology to rise to the top. Yet we often fail to learn about the ways in which corporate powers use their influence to promote policy shifts that better enable them to dominate the market instead of simply focusing their energies and resources on creating a superior product. Du Pont feared hemp for two reasons. The first is that Du Pont was in the process of making synthetic fibers for fabrics that might replace hemp if given a boost by the criminal justice system. Second was that Du Pont held the process patent for turning wood pulp into paper. Hemp is superior to wood pulp for paper production, not to mention more environmentally benign, but Du Pont had other plans for our nations forests. Read on and see how the logging industry is suddenly interested in environmental protection.


Hemp is an incredible material. 

   • One acre of hemp can produce four     times more paper than one acre of trees, also absorbing four times the amount of CO2 from the environment in its 90 – 120 day growing cycle.

  • There are over 25,000 known uses for hemp.
  • Hemp was successfully used to reduce soil radiation and toxicity in the area surrounding Chernobyl.
  • Hemp can be used to make strong and breathable building materials such as fibre board and hempcrete.
  • Hempseed oil – can be used for everything from cooking oil and personal sanitation to industrial paint and biofuel.

We have said many times, trillions was spent on wars largely about oil and resources, would it not be better to invest in hemp?

There are fascinating technologies that could greatly improve farming. For example NASA has a machine that can make rain in a clean way, solar power could power these machines in dry areas.

What’s more is that there is technology to turn sand into soil, desert farming could become a reality. Even the corrupt BBC admit it.


A world where oligarchy capitalism is failing us needs to change. Capitalism does not need to end, when the decisions can save millions, then certainly life saving methods should be enforced and not left to corrupt markets. 

By Tyler Durden