Antisemitism is stupid, to hate anyone purely because of race and religion is incredibly ignorant. Race and religion does not determine the quality of each individual. 

Israel is a complicated country. To the average person Israel was set up as compensation to the Jews after the holocaust. To the historian who has studied the Balfour declaration, it becomes obvious Israel was created for imperialist motivations, to conquer the holy land. Remember there have been crusades for that land since 1095 AD. The British had set up colonies of Jews in Israel before World War 2 and had promised Lord Rothschild Israel before World War 2 in the Balfour declaration in 1917. Russia, France and the UK had agreed how to carve up the old Ottoman Empire in 1916 in the Sykes-Picot agreement. After World War 2 (1939 – 1945) an exodus of Jews to Israel began, the state became official in 1948.

Today anyone who opposes Zionism which is the political movement to establish Jews in the holy land are labeled antisemitic. Though technically this claim is ludicrous since Judaism has been around for thousands of years and Zionism was only created in the 19th century. 

Though now I personally believe that Jews do deserve a home land in Israel, even though historically the Palestinians (or existing Muslim people) had been settled there for hundreds of years. The Jews have had a hard time and I’m sure most of the settlers were ignorant of imperialism being at the heart of the establishment of Israel. Indeed the Jews have been used. To have survived the holocaust and then to be taken advantage of is diabolical. Though many Jews will be outraged at reading this and say “we now have a home land and a freedom to govern ourselves.” I would reply yes those are great things, this issue is about being caught up in a chess game of world power. 

To question Zionism is now antisemitic, I’m sure many antisemites do question Zionism. However, there are people who would say Zionism has led to more bloodshed and it is impossible to disagree truthfully. The Jews were offered land in America but Rothschild pushed for the control of Israel. Historically questioning Zionism is actually a valid thing to do. Questioning present Zionism now is quite ludicrous, the Jews have established themselves and kicking them out of Israel is unfair to them.

Israel has more pressing issues than its existence. Stephen Hawking boycotted Israel for being an apartheid state, the unfair treatment of Palestinians is getting too much. Israel is damaging its image and much of the public are convinced apartheid policies are necessary for defence. It does not take a genius to work out though that the Palestinians will not take their rights being eroded sitting down. Looking long term the resentment will lead to more blood for that I’m certain. Israel also is beating the war drums for Iran and the more it pokes the Palestinians, the more it fuels fire from proxy war tactics from Iran.

Israel’s existence should be supported, so a war with Iran is not good for its existence. Both sides need to take steps but Israel cannot continue to delude itself that mistreatment of Palestinians is good for Israel or the region.

By Tyler Durden