Seriously, is Epstein making a will in the Virgin Islands the best “smoking gun” the establishment can come up with? 

There are many reasons he could have changed his will. There are the possibilities it was forged or he was forced to do it so people like Virginia Giuffre would not have millions to take Andrew to court for years. 

The most likely possibility is that he knew he was going to get murdered and wanted as much as possible to go to people he cared about like his brother, the brother who is trying to prove he was murdered. Epstein says he was attacked and did not attempt suicide on the so called first failed suicide attempt, the camera footage for the incident conveniently went missing and is not being shown. Epstein was intelligent and it doesn’t take much intelligence to realise that if you were attacked and the authorities were lying about it that your days are numbered. 

No the will is not proof of anything. The fact that 3 neck bones were broken with the hanging makes it 99.9% certain that he was murdered. Combine that with all the convenient security lapses, the lies about him being attacked and that he was 6ft 1 and hanged himself from a bed that was 5ft 7, there’s probably more chance of getting hit by lightening and winning the jackpot on the lottery on the same day than Epstein committing suicide. 

By Tyler Durden