Shape shifting lizards are controlling us by hijacking and corrupting our most powerful people – allegedly. Where would these lizards have come from? Are they aliens? From another dimension? Perhaps evolution created them and most of them died out? 

The theory has its roots from David Icke who was a sports commentator but then took an anti-establishment u-turn. David went on to say that the Illuminati survived to this day but has its roots from reptilian overlords. Is David telling the truth? Is he an MK ultra victim from the CIA to discredit conspiracy topics? Is he just being smart so he doesn’t get sued for saying controversial things about the Rothschilds? Mr Icke remains an enigma, in his interviews I must admit I personally find him genuine, he speaks in such a down to earth and real manner it’s hard not to. Perhaps he believes what he says, it is said we all have our truth but there is a definite truth to rule. David makes reference to the dragon and snake popping up throughout human history. 

I searched the internet far and wide for hard evidence of the shape shifting lizards. I found many random people saying it was true even a few people who had said they have seen them but they can’t be taken seriously in all truthfulness. Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory season 3 episode 1 did investigate this theory also. They had a similar experience to me however, they did get a video editing expert to look over some videos of powerful people’s eyes and a few people’s eyes were not edited with special effects and they did look lizard like. I must admit this is no smoking gun evidence as the lizard features were subtle.

Though if shape shifting lizards do exist there may possibly be a way to determine their existence. David Icke says that they dwell in other dimensions. There is a drug known as DMT, this is not like other drugs. DMT comes from plants and animals, we also supposedly release small amounts in our brain when we sleep. Users have reported it takes them to other dimensions and realms, there has been much scientific interest in it recently. In theory taking DMT and seeing the elite in person could reveal shape shifting lizards. There are problems to this experiment in proving the reliability of the results admittedly. However, I’m sure there are consenting adults out there who could do this experiment safely, we would not recommend you to try. The shape shifting lizards will remain as an unlikely reality until proof is retrieved. 

By Tyler Durden