DMT the mother of hallucinogenics. People have reported to travel beyond space and time, to other dimensions and even some have said you will meet your maker. A recent documentary called “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” explores the effects of DMT. Professors and scientists explain how it can widen our minds and the possibilities of using the drug.

DMT can be extracted from plants and in this form it is illegal in most countries. However, there have been astonishing reports that humans can release this naturally from their brain, no needles, no spliffs, no pill, you need literally nothing. It is reported it can be released through breathing techniques, I was sceptical at first after seeing tutorials online known as holistic breathing. It seemed to be new age mumbo jumbo just a load of hippies trying to raise money for their weed was my first thought. I tried the method in a video I found anyway just for fun, it failed and then I moved on.

However, someone I personally admire and who is world famous for his breathing techniques has said DMT can indeed be released naturally. I’m talking about Wim Hof, aka the Ice man. Wim holds the world record for the longest ice bath, lasting over 1 hour and 52 minutes, and 20 other world records for feats performed while withstanding the cold. He has climbed Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro in just shorts and shoes. His breathing method enables him to control his core body temperature and immune system, and can be learned by anyone. Wim’s ultimate goal is to end all disease.

Maybe don’t expect to achieve the release on your first time of trying, it is said through meditation and practice that DMT can be released naturally. We release DMT in our brain when we sleep and this breathing and meditation can help us tap into our natural supply. Who knows, could this be the next step in human evolution? We discovered the world was round and that there seems to be never ending space around us, maybe this century a new major discovery about our perception of reality can be achieved. 

By Tyler Durden