Here at The World Times we give the truth, we are not looking through a faulty lens like much of the world population. We are not corrupted, we are not interested in pleasing the establishment to further our careers, we are not scared, and we do not have intelligence agencies manipulating our voice. See more on media corruption here:

We don’t have delusions about false justifications for war, look at Iraq, Alan Greenspan (former Chairman of The Federal Reserve) admitted it was about oil, no weapons of mass destruction were found and trillions were spent on the wars in The Middle East.

We know the West is technically controlled by oligarchs, sure there is some democracy but not much. Political donors and lobbyists buy their way to control policy. Financial institutions buy their way and can even threaten to manipulate the economy if they do not get their way. There are these groups like Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove and the Council on Foreign Relations where all these so-called masters of the universe meet up and work out how to sway policy and public opinion.

There are people out there, aware of all this stuff but they just say “who cares? They know what they’re doing, make some money, go on holiday.” They will point out that China and Russia are worse, the system is not perfect but what is? The smarter ones will point out that indeed the world is a power struggle, countries fighting for resources, land, and technology but that we need the elites to play the game for us.

However, why settle for this? There are plenty of people out there who believe if we continue this path of domination and power struggle, we will end up in a world war. Stephen Hawking wrote a piece about how the Syrian war must end and he explained how aggression had survival advantages in the past but in this day and age it threatens much of the life on earth. Academic legend Noam Chomsky has said similar things and how World War 3 could easily happen and that we are heading on that path. The Doomsday clock is 100 seconds to midnight, the closest it has ever been! Then of course there is the environmental destruction of our planet.

Some people will astonishingly say we need a world war or some disease or something. They say that due to the world’s growing population we need to keep it in check. However, 2 industrial revolutions have pulled us into a more prosperous society despite the growing population and we have the technology for a new industrial revolution with clean energy. There is the possibility of stretching out into space, colonizing the moon and Mars. Through education and better contraception polices we can even slow down the population. It is proven by empowering women; less children are made and the population stabilizes. Indeed, society puts too much pressure on people to have families, technically speaking we all came from the same place and we all share some DNA. Humans do not have to necessarily have children to feel they have accomplished their survival instincts. Breeding does not need to be encouraged, you can pass on a legacy of a better world and your DNA will remain as long as the human race survives.

By Tyler Durden