Coming to terms with cold facts that we in The West are brainwashed can be extremely challenging. Some can handle it well, after all this isn’t actually a new thing it has just become better known recently due to the digital age.

There were protests about the Vietnam war and hippies in the 60s for example were saying we are just part of a corporate machine. 

However, depending on people’s perceptions they can find it incredibly frustrating and some can get depressed for years. People can feel alienated from society. The more people learn about the dark secrets of the world, the more they can feel separated from society. The famous philosopher Plato once said ““Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.” Not only do certain people become frustrated with society, society can pull itself away from people.

Let me give you an example, the Epstein child trafficking rings were known about for years. People knew Prince Andrew was involved for years. In the UK the Royal family are very popular, the Royal family are the heads of the courts, the military and the government. The Royals are on the UK currency and the English national anthem is purely about the Queen. Do people stop to analyse the psychological impact of all of this? The UK love sport and when the English national anthem is sung, their brains associate the love of sport with the Royals. People love money or they know they need it, the psychological impact of the Queen’s face on the currency makes them relate the powers of money to the monarch. Can you imagine standing up to the Royals and accusing them of being involved in trafficking for years in the UK? You threaten people’s way of life and you become an enemy to the masses because they don’t understand. Courageous people fighting trafficking have a double task, they have to take on powerful people and the masses at the same time.

Similar things can be said in America, the masses swear allegiance to the flag. Questioning authority becomes unpatriotic and questioning wars becomes unpatriotic and an insult to America’s bravest soldiers. Even though there is ample evidence to say 9 11 was an inside job, persuading the masses isn’t just about a logical debate it is about overcoming strong feelings of emotion and identity.

This should not be the case, being patriotic should be about what is for the the greater good, wars are turf wars for outdated resources and new technology exists that just needs money to change the world.

A lot of people don’t want to wake up and so they won’t, it’s called cognitive dissonance, mental gymnastics will be performed to deny hard evidence so they can hold on to their already established beliefs. Then there are the people who wake up but they do not care or they are too scared to do anything. Unfortunately, people do need money and putting your neck out can threaten your job. However, things are getting better, academics are standing up and people can protest anonymously. 

Some people are happy to be awake, it can give meaning to life, indeed the truth can set you free. Others, can become so annoyed with it all they might just not want to socialise with asleep people because they just find it sad. Asleep people can just become zombies in the minds of the awake. However, asleep people can still wake up, so with patience and persistence a break through can be made at any time. 

By Tyler Durden