In a previous article I challenged Flat Earthers to do the affordable MIG flight where you can see the earth curve.

I was replied to with ludicrous comments including; the windows are monitor screens, they have special glass that makes the earth seem curved, but mostly I was told it was all a scam and you wouldn’t see curvature. I was told the Flat Earther anti-Christ Neil deGrasse Tyson even said it was impossible to see the curve from that height.

Sadly a lot of Flat Earthers will continue to live with delusions regardless of the evidence. I will point out even Mythbusters proved you can see the curve from a MIG flight. I’m sure many Flat Earthers will say he was corrupted by NASA. The challenge remains open for Flat Earthers to fly in a MIG but I think they will continue to ignore the challenge because they just like their fantasy world and they are scared of reality.

By Tyler Durden