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See, if you look at the drug war from a purely economic point of view, the role of the government is to protect the drug cartel. That’s literally true. – Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize winning Economist.

The war on drugs, years of arresting people, years of criminals getting powerful and years of many people continuing to use drugs. Between 1920 and 1933 alcohol was illegal in the USA, crime rose as gangsters like Al Capone fought to control the underworld and people just went to secret places to drink such as speakeasies. It was well known that politicians in the Whitehouse continued to drink. Prohibition was a complete failure so what is the difference with illegal substances today?

Alcohol has killed more people than weed, magic mushrooms and DMT put together. Alcohol makes drivers much worse, it makes some people start fights and it can bring out the worst in people. Anyone who has smoked weed for example knows it calms people. Then of course the health risks of alcohol are much deadlier than a lot of banned substances. 

However, we continue the war on drugs, the USA incarcerates more people than the rest of the world put together, there are people in prisons just for possessing small amounts of marijuana for personal use, this does not feel right, especially since many states have now legalised marijuana. Milton Friedman estimated in the 1990s that approximately 10,000 people die per year because of criminal homicide due to the drug war in the USA. 

The tax payers are bleeding hard fighting this never ending up hill battle, Canada on the other hand made over 8 billion dollars by legalising marijuana. 


Interestingly with research I found out that Richard Nixon used the war on drugs to oppress the black community and anti-war protestors, this is not democracy. The university MIT’s newspaper exposed that marijuana was originally criminalised because the titan Dupont family didn’t want it to threaten their business.


Clearly something foul is at play here. Then there is the pharmaceutical industry. The industry is well known in Washington as it lobbies millions to get its way. They lobbied to fight cannabis legalisation.


Worldwide the pharmaceutical industry is worth trillions. The industry seems to care more about making money than curing people though. See a scientist blow the whistle below.


With research saying that magic mushrooms can have incredible benefits on curing depression, big pharma has put zero research into this, likely because they don’t want to lose billions from anti-depressant medication. 


Another case of fighting big business, big business can be unethical when slowing down progress for improving humanity. Cartels seek to fatten their already obese pockets, at what stake? 

The drug war benefits the big shots, the Pablo Escobars, the Mafias and even the CIA. The big dogs know what they’re doing and they rarely get caught as people are paid to run their errands. The illegality of drugs means more profits, the price is kept high and paying off officials is cheaper than being taxed.

Then think about the countries these drugs come from; Afghanistan, Vietnam and Bolivia to name a few. The suppliers become some of the most powerful people in their home countries, gangsters become bigger than the police. This erosion of democracy on the population is sad.

Then we come to another harsh reality, people who are determined to get drugs will always get them, as people adapted to use speakeasies during prohibition, people will continue to adapt to get drugs. People want them, it’s their life and their choice, they don’t like being told what they can do with their own body, where do we draw the line should we not let people skydive? With research I soon found easy ways to get drugs, there are many guides of how to find magic mushrooms, make DMT, grow cannabis and make crack cocaine on the internet if you look hard enough. Indeed you can even buy illegal drugs online if you search the corners of the dark web. 

It’s time to admit that the war on drugs is a losing battle, the only people who benefit are big businesses and wealthy criminals. The Bohemian Grove club, where the power elite meet have been reported to do drugs and take heroin. This does not get investigated, is this fair??? See Milton Friedman express his view on the war on drugs below.

By Tyler Durden