The above picture is of a life form that scientists concluded was a human with genetic disorders, I don’t think I believe them anymore.

There is said to be more Earth like planets in the universe than grains of sand on Earth, statistically speaking it is more likely we have been visited by aliens than not.

Head of the CIA George Bush refused to give President Carter all the intelligence information about UFOs and aliens when he was requested to do so, this illustrates the level of secrecy. Remember the NSA was kept secret from the masses originally, along with the creation of the nuclear bomb, secrets can be kept from the public more easily that most would like to admit.

The documentary “Unacknowledged” exposes how the CIA and the elites corrupt the media, academics and institutions to cover up dark secrets. Doctors, scientists and high ranking military personnel expose all including why we are 100 years behind the technology we should be using. 

See the below quotes from the documentary and the preview, it is screening on Netflix. The universe if full of wonder and we are just primitive beasts, for now.  

By Tyler Durden