The military, travel the world, serve your country, get perks and be a hero. It was such an attractive concept once upon a time. As a young man I always wanted to serve my country, there is even a scientific argument that protection of society is in our DNA to preserve our genes. I was so sure I would join the paratroopers and then serve in the SAS, I wanted to do my part and I wanted the reputation. I even went in to an army recruitment station at 20 years old, I was told to finish my degree and come back later, which is surprising.

I never came back, I never came back because I was angry, very angry with how our troops are treated, in all honesty I wanted to punch someone’s face in and I even went looking for trouble. I became disillusioned with ideas of valour, I began to realise soldiers were being used as hit men to dominate resources. I don’t think I’m alone in my scepticism of the military. Recruitment has been declining both in the UK and the USA for the last few years.

My views began when I realised 9 11 was an utter load of horse shit. How could our government do this? Trick some of our bravest into putting their necks out for a complete fabrication.

Then it became obvious it was all about oil, money and power. Trillions spent on these wars and technology for electric vehicles exist along with other technologies that make oil unnecessary.

Why should I risk my life for a status quo that cares more about their finances than my life? 

These wars have not made us safer from terrorism. Funnily enough invading countries to take their resources angers the populations and so they retaliate with terrorism. Then you find out a key ally of ours in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is financing terror cells and Wahhabism. Saudi Arabia is a brutal country but we don’t invade them. There is no moral high ground for the invasion. The war on terror is a complete disaster. There would have been no ISIS and we are no safer from terrorism today. 

These views are becoming mainstream not only were no weapons of mass destruction found, not only did the UN determine the Iraq war to be illegal, not only did the Chilcot report expose that at the very least the government acted foolishly and half arsed but even Gordon Brown the  PM of the UK admitted the Iraq war was unjustified.

When our own bloody leaders admit they can’t do their job properly when taking us to war, why should I step up for them??? Millions of lives ruined but never mind it was all just a blunder! I don’t believe it, it is a lie. They wanted that oil, that outdated, caveman, black devil semen. 

Who’s benefited from Iraq??? Not the man on the street or the hero in the trenches. No! Some rich fat cat who’s got his hands on some control of oil or some banker who will be profiting for decades from tax payer debt. I’m not imagining these things the Bilderberg group decided to go into Iraq in 2002, that’s the truth of the matter.

Sure we can say Saddam was a piece of work and he got what was coming to him but at some point we have to say Saddam wasn’t the one fighting to defend his country and soldiers have a right to know what they risk their life for. All the peaceful measures were not tried, war is supposed to be the last resort. We are talking about millions of Iraqi lives killed, disabled or made homeless. 

The harsh and ugly truth is soldiers are pawns in a turf war for power. Yes soldiers do need to go in and kick the bad guys ass from time to time but there are domestic enemies in power they should think about. Aggression has had survival advantages in the past but Stephen Hawking has warned it threatens to wipe out humanity today. 

War Is a Racket is a speech and a 1935 short book, by Smedley D. Butler, a retired United States Marine Corps Major General and two-time Medal of Honor recipient. Based on his career military experience, Butler discusses how business interests commercially benefit, such as war profiteering from warfare. Smedley said he believed soldiers should just protect the borders of their country and his words are still valuable today. 

I dream of a world where the soldiers fight for what is best for their family and not what is best for corrupt powerful people.

By Tyler Durden