Donald Trump has recently said Epstein may have been murdered. From a statistical point of view obviously he was murdered, the only thing stopping people from admitting it is ignorance, delusion, fear and corruption.

Let’s recap quickly, Epstein’s brother, Epstein’s lawyer and Maxwell believe Epstein was murdered. Epstein paid for protection in prison because he was scared of being murdered and Epstein even said that his so called first attempted suicide was actually a murder attempt. The pathologists who actually studied his body say it was more likely a murder, a second autopsy report was shut down. Epstein was over 6ft and hanged himself from a 5ft 7 bed. The cameras were turned off, the guards were called off and the guards falsified records.

The evidence is overwhelming, due to the corrupt media and institutions though a proper investigation is hindered. An argument that Epstein changed his will before his death is said to be proof of a suicide, it is proof of absolutely nothing.

People are gullible and don’t like to think for themselves, truth is controlled by the establishment. Society is dividing into truth seekers and protectors of the status quo. This is going to divide the world like how Brexit divided Britain. People must take a stand against human trafficking, there is no greater good at play. If not then sit back and watch society degenerate.

By Tyler Durden